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understood - case studie by croing agency


For Hispanic Heritage Month, Understood is looking to add visibility to situations that Hispanics who learn differently, and their families, experience. The chosen platform is Facebook since that is where their Hispanic community currently is.


ADHD often goes unnoticed in girls because they may not exhibit the same symptoms as boys. When a girl might be experiencing ADHD, people often tend to think, “It's just a kid being a kid.”

understood - heritage month campaign by croing


Create a campaign to bring visibility to situations experienced by Hispanics who learn differently and their families that need to be understood.

The creative concept: En Understood, entendemos.


The campaign includes different content like interviews, sketches, memes, testimonials, and motion graphic video. Scripted, directed, shot, and post-produced by the CROING team, both in Central Park and at Understood's offices, to offer different possibilities for positioning the message, all under the umbrella of the concept.


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