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preview from our campaign on tik tok for sony


The multi-national brand had a problem: how to reach the most difficult and youngest audience? CROING had the solution: a campaign on TikTok that is still going viral (even without paid-media).

SONY is one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. The brand was not positioned in the most demanding public of the market: the GenZ.

Insights-based Strategy

We created a strategy for TikTok where the content that we scripted, produced and advertised spoke to GenZ through relatable and organic situations that positioned the brand's product.

The first connection with the users

The videos we produced instantly connected with users thanks to their freshness and strategic content creation.

Virality for free

The content remain shareable and relevant even after the campaign ended.

This led to the content not only receiving 2M views through paid media during the campaign, but reaching 8M views fully organically within 4 months after the campaign ended.


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Content Creation
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Content Planning
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