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Welcome to the She-economy

Welcome to the She-economy

Beyoncé's impact on rising prices, the Swifties' sway over Ticketmaster, and Barbie's groundbreaking box office earnings go beyond mere pop culture phenomena; they serve as indicators of the global emergence of the SHEconomy. This shift is transforming various industries and has the potential to significantly affect your investment portfolio.

This trend is being propelled by four key factors: the increasing financial empowerment of women, the swift adaptation of businesses, the proliferation of women-led enterprises, and the growing influence of women in the investment sphere.

To capitalize on the growing influence of the female consumer and investor, consider investing in businesses that cater to women, supporting companies led by women like CROING l Creative Agency, targeting enterprises with responsible policies, and advocating for women's financial empowerment.

#WeAreHere CROINGs' Women's Month Campaign

Get to know us, we're part of the .1% of women founded agencies.

The professional design landscape is even more shockingly asymmetric, as only .1% of creative agencies are founded by women.

The number of agencies with female creative directors (about 3%) also constitutes an abysmal minority. Considering that everyone in the US is exposed to potentially thousands of advertisements every day and women drive 70 to 80% of consumer purchases, having the point of view of a women founded, women led agency like CROING l Creative Agency is important and a need for companies.

As a female partner of a thriving creative agency with a majority female team, I’ve made it my mission to not only help brands more authentically resonate with consumers.

CROING's innovation by Anggie Salazar

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I'm Anggie Salazar, I have a background in engineering and started at the company 6 years ago with a LinkedIn reach out strategy that helped CROING closed clients like Electrolux, Novartis, Reebok, Diageo amongst others.

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