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Everything you, as a Marketer need to know about GenZ

Gen Z, also known as centennials, is the pioneering generation born and raised entirely in the digital and technological era. They are true multitaskers, living their lives across at least three screens daily, resulting in incredibly short attention spans. Despite this, they are the most diverse and inclusive generation, with a strong commitment to social and environmental causes.

But why is it crucial to comprehend their objectives? Redirecting your communication and strategy towards digital platforms is likely to bring you in contact with Gen Z, the ultimate digital natives. They are discerning critics of everything on social networks. Understanding their interests, concerns, and needs is invaluable for your planning.

Gen Z is the first full-mobile generation, using smartphones for constant connection and information. They are drawn to always-on content and prefer online communication, often through images or emojis. With their tech-savvy approach, Gen Z conducts most activities online, particularly streaming and gaming.

What's notable is their growing role in e-commerce. Many have financial independence and make their own purchasing decisions, prioritizing value over price. They are heavily influenced by friends rather than public figures.

Centennials exhibit a remarkable focus on health and well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and economic aspects. Physical exercise holds great importance, along with personal and professional aspirations.

Viewing Gen Z as partners and collaborators, not just consumers, is the key to understanding the structure of the digital ecosystem and relationship dynamics within it. If you capture these dynamics effectively, you'll strike a chord with this audience.

How Does Gen Z Differ in Their Approach to Crypto Compared to Millennials?

Gen Z approaches crypto with a willingness to take risks, driven by their age profile. NFTs, redefining digital ownership, have found a more receptive audience among them, as they're bolder and more outspoken about such financial ventures.

In contrast, millennials, often in the process of settling down or raising families, may have less time and appetite for risk. Gen Z represents the forefront of digital innovation and creation, shaping the present and future of the digital landscape.


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