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Is your SEO working?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is used to improve search engine rankings and help more people find a particular site, but How simple is it? What are the SEO basics that you need to know to improve it?

Two of the crucial elements of SEO marketing are Keywords -words, and phrases that potential customers use to find online information- and Content, an elemental component of the Search Engine Optimization because it is the vehicle used to reach and engage audiences.

So to improve your SEO Ranking it is very important that you pay attention to both elements, among others.

Focus on a keyword. Create quality content. Use inbound and outbound links. Optimize images with SEO Use subheadings with the keyword. Comply with certain readability standards.

However, in a constant bid to rank in search engines, there are effective and fast practices that can add complexity to your SEO strategy. At CROING we recommend using White Hat SEO, techniques that are considered ethical, correct and comply with the guidelines imposed by search engines to position a website.

Another powerful strategy to improve SEO is the backlink, which is a link made from one website to another. Search engines like Google use the quality and quantity of backlinks as ranking criteria.

At CROING, creative agency, we are constantly looking to improve SEO to position our clients not only in search engines but also in the minds of those who are looking for a certain word or content. To do this, we make a weekly evaluation of their ranking and propose improvements that help the awareness and engagement that they seek to obtain.

Getting good results depends on a correct execution and measurement of the SEO strategy and, above all, being attentive to new updates.


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