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Stop losing time, apply agile social media marketing

Agile social media marketing

It's time to break free from the complaints about new social media platforms.

In the creative industry and marketing world, saying "we don't need another social media" is bringing us down, getting us away of testing and learning and making our brands suffer because of it.

Let's deconstruct this mindset and start thinking about platform commonalities in order to shift strategies fast and start a test and learn approach.

🌟 We all know the excitement and challenges of mastering a platform, only to hear there's a new one coming.

But guess what? There's a hidden gem in this dilemma that can transform the way you approach our strategies, this is how we do it at CROING l Creative Agency

This is about an innovative mindset.

You know that sense of dread when a new platform emerges? The groans, the protests – that's not an attitude we have at CROING.

Threads just came along, and everyone was complaining but I see it always as a new opportunity for our clients to reach new audiences, start something innovative and be present at the beginning, for us, diving into a new platform is second nature, because we know platforms aren't as different as they seem, there are a lot of commonalities and with agile marketing, test and learn drives us into strategize and start making improvements.

Think of it this way – when you learn one dance move, it's easier to pick up others, right? Platforms are a lot like that. Those tactics you've perfected on one can seamlessly work on another. No more starting from scratch, no more strategy overhauls.

All these platforms have commonalities, they're text based, image based, video based, and then you have Instagram that now seems to have everything. Our creativity flows because the core principles remain consistent. It's like finding a shortcut through a maze - familiar patterns guiding us to success.

Jumping to new platforms doesn't mean starting from scratch. You bring your expertise, adapt it slightly, and voilà! You're already ahead of the curve. By embracing these shared elements, we're expanding our reach without reinventing the wheel every time.

The world of marketing evolves rapidly, and by embracing this evolution, we stay ahead of the game.

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