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Meet Ana Da Silva - A design trailblazer at CROING

As the Head of Design at CROING, Ana Da Silva is the visionary behind our agency's visual and aesthetic strategies. Her professional and discerning eye leaves an indelible mark on every detail of our projects. Ana's leadership extends across diverse ventures, from pioneering web 3.0 designs to the creation of captivating brand identities and the latest forays into NFT projects.

We're excited to share Ana's insights on design and the cutting-edge technologies transforming NFT and Web 3.0 projects.

1. Influential Websites and Immersive Experiences

At CROING, we prioritize staying at the forefront of industry trends and technology. Immersive and NFT-related websites have made the most significant impact this year. Examples like are truly remarkable. They seamlessly blend storytelling, visuals, and immersive experiences within an e-commerce platform—an inventive and creative approach to web design.

Another awe-inspiring website is As we venture into the digital world and metaverse, these digital spaces and immersive experiences are becoming essential for exploration and learning. The idea of virtually stepping inside a painting or a museum from one's living room is truly mind-blowing.

2. Tools of the Trade

In my role as a graphic and UX/UI designer, I rely on the Adobe Creative Suite, including After Effects, Adobe Xd, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Figma is a go-to for web design layouts, and Blender fuels the more innovative, 3D aspects of our projects. At CROING, we leverage a range of technologies, including WordPress as a CMS, Elementor for page building, Lottie for animations, Crocoblock Jetengine for dynamic content, and React from JavaScript.

3. The Future of Interaction Design and the Digital Industry

The industry is heading towards decentralization, where everyone will own digital assets and use crypto for transactions. The "connect to wallet" button is just the beginning for websites. NFTs hold particular significance for us, from strategy to smart contract development with our in-house Solidity developers.

Looking ahead, websites will evolve into portals to new universes. They will offer immersive experiences with AR or VR integration, adaptability based on user research, and the inclusion of avatars. Websites will become a gateway to diverse worlds, shaped by individual tastes and preferences.

Regarding NFTs, they are set to revolutionize how we learn about and understand each other. A person's preferences and NFT choices will play a pivotal role in social media, design, and societal interactions.

In the 3.0 world, aesthetics are not just branding; they are the connection to the community. Designing for Web 3.0 is a thrilling challenge—one that we're ready to embrace. Let's embark on this exciting journey together.


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